We can provide a safe, confidential and welcoming setting to begin your journey to recovery. Having taken the first brave step in acknowledging you have an eating disorder, we can help you by creating the right nutritional treatment plan for you.

Nutritional therapy is an essential component to the recovery process from any form of disordered eating. Speaking to an experienced practitioner openly without judgment can be a powerful step in the right direction. 

Our nutritional therapist Sasha Paul is a specialist in this field. She works with you at your own pace, listening to you and supporting you along the way. Clients often find that they feel empowered and continue to progress long after any treatment has ended. 


Your first consultation will be for you to meet Sasha and for her to gain an understanding of where you are in your journey, so that she can consider the best way to support you moving forward. You will very much be part of your nutritional treatment plan and you will be offered additional services such as weekly meetings for goal setting and strategies if appropriate. This is a specialist service with longer nutritional consultations, careful nutritional treatment plans and additional support options available to offer you the necessary support required for recovery. 


This is a safe positive process without judgment, all that is asked of you is commitment to the process. Relapsing will be part of your journey and Sasha will work with you to support you in both prevention methods and how to move forward from a relapse. 


Whether it is your daughter, son, partner, sibling or friend, learning how you can support your loved one with an eating disorder can be a crucial part of their recovery.