‘I wanted to lose weight and after seeing different nutritionists over the years I was recommended to NFT. I really like the fact that I have reached my goal without having to count calories and that I don't have to take loads of supplements. Sasha made it really simple and I am even using the recommendations with my family, trying to help us all to be healthy. It has been a great result!’

- P. Koch

‘Sasha is a very intuitive nutritionist with an amazing wealth of knowledge. I had gone to my first appointment with symptoms of bloating, high stress levels, bad sleep, poor diet and digestion and didn’t want to take the plunge doing the gut test although highly recommended. Instead she was able to take the time to really use her knowledge to offer the best advice based on my symptoms and it’s worked!! Since having consultations I now have continuous sleep rather than waking up during the night, I handle stress so much better and the biggest change is my digestion is a million times better and I’m actually enjoying food much more without resenting the way it made me feel after.. which I thought was a normal feeling. And more importantly now through her not only advising but also educating, I’m able to understand my own symptoms and body better so if somethings off I know what is best to fix it.
Genuinely a really lovely person who has all the time in the world for clients and so easy to get along with. I couldn’t recommend the Natural Food Therapy Clinic enough and will definitely use this as a continued service.’

- A. Bennett

‘I have come a long way with NFT. I’m pleased with the way I’ve progressed. Sasha has supported me through this journey. I have learned so much about myself and I wouldn’t have taken these step without her. Thank you’

- R. Parmar

‘Finally a nutritionist that follows what she preaches! Sasha looks amazing and has really inspired me to eat better. Her meal plan was very well tailored to me and I am an incredibly fussy eater! She took her time to really get to know me and the meal plan really displayed that. Her snacks are yummy. Sasha really is so helpful, motivating and very approachable!’

- P. K. Singh

‘I've been to multiple nutritionists in the past but none have lived up to the standard that Sasha is providing! Her knowledge on food and how it reacts with your body is essential for getting you back on track with whatever issues you may have. I came to Sasha with a multitude of problems (ranging from general health to food choices/supplements) and the majority of them Sasha was able to solve within a week by carefully implementing changes to my diet. One main problem I was suffering with was getting ill much too frequently, my immune system was nowhere near what it should have been. Since implementing the plan this problem has disappeared completely and when I do get ill its only for a day or two as opposed to 4-5 days before. If you have difficulty in figuring out how to eat for your exact body type or find that your meal plans are dull and boring then I highly recommend hiring Sasha. Make sure to enquire about her product line, highly recommend it!’

- A. Sheikh

‘I am extremely satisfied with my visits to NFT and the progress i am making with Sasha's advises. I highly recommend to all the people who feel that the hypothyroid is blocking their goals for a healthy and energetic lifestyle. I find Sasha a very patient listener as well. I regularly follow and relish her recipes on Instagram and FB pages. Thank you Sasha for the progress i have made so far.’

- L. Singh

‘Sasha is so kind and easy to talk to. I have been on her eating disorder programme for 10 weeks now. Thank you for offering it to me, for anyone else suffering in silence please go to see Sasha’

- H. Glossop

‘You guys are on the top of my list! Great customer service and professionalism. Visited for blood test to check for deficiencies and then went to see nutritionist Sasha to help me with my digestion problems. I am surprised at how much I already have seen a difference and only 2nd session. Definitely recommend!’

- R. Bond

‘Visited Natural Food Therapy for a blood test from Genova Diagnostics. Thanks to Dr Paul for making that a quick and painless process. It was my first time visiting, and they struck me as very professional, thorough and organized - for which I'm grateful. Can recommend.’

- J. King

‘100% recommend for those battling unexplained illness! I suffered from what I thought was fibromyalgia and intense headaches for years. I had a full blood test to start (with their lovely doctor who found my vein so easily and set me at ease - I don't like bloods)! Following that I saw Sasha for several months who helped to correct issues from the test. Rather than just tell me what to do she helped me understand what my body needed to recover. I am still working with her but I cannot be more thankful!’

- M. Marsh

‘Sasha was a real delight - so calming and relaxed and she was extremely thorough. She explained everything in great detail and was very understanding of my situation. Following the consultation she sent me a very precise food plan to follow and very accommodating of all questions I had. I genuinely feel as though she’s really working hard to help me.’

- K. Davis

‘Sasha is the first person I felt really understood and listened to my problem. I've battled with my relationship with food for years and I feel I am starting to think differently and find some happiness. Thank you’

- M. Buck

‘I recommend Sasha she is a lovley person, calm and dedicated she's working. I lose alwaredy 3.5 kg in 1 mouth after her plans, if you will respect the plan I'm sure you will see results. I'm very happy with diets and I'm feel very good, confident and trusted.’

- L Augustina