“NFT has been absolutely incredible in helping me overcome my problems with eating. The approach that Sasha has taken has been completely tailored to my needs.. nothing has seemed rushed - she has taken her time with me, helping me to overcome any hurdles while also celebrating my achievements. Not only has she helped improve my relationship with food immensely, she has also helped improve my confidence and my self-esteem significantly. I feel happier in myself and in life in general, and I never could have achieved this without her. I highly recommend!” - Nikhita N.

“After suffering with issues with food and my weight my whole life, I heard about Sasha who I first spoke to on the telephone. She made me feel instantly at ease and I felt able to talk to her. I have since been on her 6 week programme and am currently continuing with her as I feel I am benefiting. The list of foods I can eat are slowly increasing and my anxiety is reducing. Highly recommend!” - Amanda T.