Through experience as a leading nutritional therapist in London and her work with nutrition and wellness brands, Sasha Paul can provide you with invaluable advice, add credibility and move your brand in the right direction. Some of her work in this field has involved product development, marketing strategies, recipe and menu development, innovative concept creation, nutritional analysis, compliance with safety, marketing and labelling regulations, article writing and social media content creation. Sasha also regularly advises food brands and restaurants on the nutritional composition of their products and recipes / menu items, before carefully working with them to restructure formulas in order to create a healthier and more marketable product.

Nutrition brand consultancy covers many areas of the wellness sector including food-related businesses, restaurants, cafe’s, food prep services, fitness-related companies and wellness / lifestyle brands.

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Most recently, Sasha has been working with health-conscious brand Supernova Living. Supernova Living is an advanced vegan superfood protein powder now stocked in Planet Organic and listed in Vogue as one of the top 5 protein powders for women. Read more about Sasha’s work with Supernova Living here:

We’ve spent over 12 months meticulously researching, developing, amending individual ingredients and blends to ensure smoothness, mix-ability, flavour, purity, quality and effectiveness of the powders. Working with small suppliers around the world to ensure we never compromise on quality. With the help of a Naturopathic Nutritionist who with years of experience ensured the balance of vitamins, minerals and recommended daily allowances were adhered to.
— Supernova Living

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