GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test - Genova Diagnostics

A comprehensive test that provides a valuable insight into core areas of gut health including:

  • Digestion and absorption

  • Gut inflammation

  • The gut microbiome 

+ Additional add-ons include H. Pylori, Stool Zonulin, Campylobacter, Clostridium difficile, Escherichia EIA

Cyrex Array 2 Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen (leaky gut test)
$307 (approx. £240)

Array 2 looks at the following areas to assess the integrity of the gut lining: 

  • Intestinal epithelial cell damage

  • Intestinal tight junction damage

  • Gut dysbiosis

  • Systemic lipopolysaccharides


All Cyrex tests require a blood test. If you would like a blood test with our on-site GP the cost is £50

Courier fees for Cyrex are £6.50 and for Genova are £10.50

Cyrex prices are quoted in USD as Cyrex is a US lab. Please email us for a quote in GBP based on the current exchange rate.