Why DNA testing?

Learning about your genes is invaluable when it comes to personalised nutrition. By understanding more about what makes you unique, you can discover your individual nutritional requirements. 

The comprehensive DNA panel assesses your genes with regards to:

Sugar metabolism & carbohydrate sensitivity
Fat over-absorption and sensitivity
Food cravings
Methylation cycle
Oestrogen imbalance
Caffeine sensitivity
Lactose intolerance
Iron over-absorption
Requirements for omega 3, omega 6, vitamin C, B, D, magnesium, glutathione and folate

'Your genes are not your destiny but they are your tendency'

Genetics and nutrition work together to affect gene expression. This means that even if you learn you are more genetically susceptible to a condition, nutritional and lifestyle changes could go a long way in influencing whether you actually go on to develop the disease. 

In a nutshell.. what we eat can have an influence on our genes, making DNA testing a great tool for smart and preventative nutrition. 

Comprehensive DNA panel by myDNAhealth - £199